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Tarsha Shanta Plenty/ Abigail Ben Yisrael

Tarsha Shanta Plenty/ Abigail Ben Yisrael

Jun 10, 1977

Dec 20, 2023


Tarsha Shanta Plenty/ Abigail Ben Yisrael, 46, previously of Louisville, died December 19, 2023, in Titusville, Florida.

Visitation Saturday 2pm - 3pm January 13, 2024 at W. T. Shumake & Daughters Funeral Home 3815 Newburg Road. Memorial Service to follow at 3pm.
Tarsha Shanta Plenty was her given name at birth, born Friday, June 10, 1977, to Darlyn Richardson and Halbert James Maupin in Louisville, Kentucky. She accepted the knowledge, wisdom, and teachings at an early age and changed her name to Abigail Ben Yisrael after her extensive study with the Nation of Israel Hebrew Israelites. She was faithful to her belief (Yahweh).

Tarsha/Abigail career choices were many. She was a flight attendant for the airlines, worked for Nascar, was a Home Health Care Aide, and drove for Uber. She enjoyed traveling, Nigerian music, and spending time with family and friends. Her true joy was nurturing and being around all children. In her spare time, she liked getting in her vehicle and taking to the road, not always sure if her transportation would allow her to get to her destination. Some would call her a free spirit, others would consider her living life to the fullest.

Tarsha Shanta Plenty/Abigail Ben Yisrael was preceded in death by her brother, Raleigh James Plenty. Sadly, on December 19, 2023, her life on earth ended. She is survived by her children, Isaiah, Iris, Ieysha Plenty, parents, Darlyn Richardson and Halbert James Maupin, brother, Damon Plenty, grand baby, Promise, husband, Robert Divr, who is a native of South Africa from the Congo tribe; and a host of Hebrew brothers and sisters and extended family and friends.

All praises be to our great and good Black God YAHWEH, whom she believed in. Toda.

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