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Rodney Lemond Watters, Jr. "Hot Rod"

Rodney Lemond Watters, Jr. "Hot Rod"

Jul 2, 1991

Dec 14, 2021


Rodney Lemond Watters, Jr. “Hot Rod” 30, of Louisville died Monday, December 13.

Visitation Tuesday, December 21, 2021 from 11-1 at Emmanuel Baptist Church 3815 W. Broadway. Funeral to follow at 1pm.

Rodney Lemond Watters, Jr. was born in Louisville, Kentucky on Tuesday, July 2, 1991 to Sherricia M. Burrus and Rodney Lemond Watters, Sr. He was the first child of his mother and the first child of his father.

Rodney grew up known as “Hot Rod”. He achieved that name from his nanny and pawpaw due to his love of cars at an early age. His sidekick Lil Michael and himself would take their Trikes and drive the sidewalks as if they were in a demolition derby. Hot wheels were his thing, so much that you almost see his imagination.

Growing up Rodney accumulated many friends never an enemy. Most of his time was spent in Newburg where he took passion in playing the trumpet so his nanny bought him one. Rodney soon took his talents to the streets when a friend or neighborhood pet died he constructed a whole funeral and marched from one end of the street to the other playing tunes of comfort. He gathered a crowd and they all listened.

Rodney shared many memories with his siblings by teaching his brothers how to work on lawnmowers, fix bicycles, and fish, and his sisters how to be ladies.

Rodney soon took pride in cutting grass and began his own lawn service. No one would have to worry about weeds again. Hot Rod to the rescue, with his equipment ready to make your yard look as good as they do in magazines.

Entering into manhood be began his religious journey at Canaan Christian Church.

Rodney’s love for his nieces and nephews took him on a journey to be Top Flight Security of the world by landing a volunteering placement at Minors Lane Elementary then landing a substitute placement at Price Elementary. Rodney participated with his late friend Ms. Garrison in so many school activities he took another volunteer position at Thomas Jefferson Middle School. Soon he landed a permanent position as Security Monitor. Rodney was so involved he soon set up a farm for the children to learn Agriculture and decompress from stress in school.

Rodney’s manhood led him to look for love, and his eyes locked in on his future wife Monet Murry. She tells her story: I remember it like it was yesterday. I met Rodney in October 2, 2014. We both worked at Kroger in the Highlands and I walked passed the Deli counter and he said, “Hey MON_ETT!” and I just kept walking because he pronounced my name wrong. After that,, on my next day I worked, he had flowers and cupcakes with a card on top and it read, from a secret admirer. He knew I made artwork so he put money in the card and put his email to “stay professional” but he also put his phone number underneath. We then started calling each other and I made an art piece for him and our relationship blossomed from there. For the next 5 years we learned more about each other and shared many adventures. We learned many life lessons together and shared so many laughs and cherished moments. We married in 2018 by Rodney’s grandfather. In 2019 we had our beautiful daughter, Celine Cheyenne Watters. Rodney loved Celine and took her everywhere he went. She learned everything from him. He came up with her nickname, Buddha, and taught her to cook and love nature. She picked up an interest for toy cars just like he had. Celine was Rodney’s sidekick and tag-a-long and always will be.” burgundy-heart[1] Monet Murry.

When you hear “Hot Rod” just know he’s riding around his latest model “Pick Me Up Truck” Vroom Vroom. He leaves to cherish his memories his ONE and ONLY child, Celine Cheyenne Watters; wife Monet Murry; mother Sherricia Burrus and companion Erick Smith, father, Rodney Watters, Sr., siblings Tiffany burrus, Nathaniel Draper, Jr., Anthony Burris, Dominique Burrus, A’Taijah Burrus, Diamond Burrus; grandmother Gladys Burrus; best life friends MJ and Kendra Ash, and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts and uncles

He was preceded in death by Andre’ Green, Teller Watters, Apra Green, Arra Green, Jayshawn Green, grandpa, Leonard Wooden, Robert l. Leonard, Debbie Lee, Marion Lee.

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