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Charlotte Thompson

Charlotte Thompson

Feb 25, 1946

Sep 29, 2013


On Monday, February 25, 1946, Charlotte Ann Spencer Thompson became one of Louisville, Kentucky’s newest residents. Although she was the only child of Lucille Spencer, Charlotte’s little personally was already emerging. Raised also by her Aunt Mary Elizabeth “Nanny” and Uncle Reed Brown, Charlotte’s sense of humor was contagious. The world was her playground and throughout her life she enjoyed life.

Charlotte was talented in so many areas. She had a photographic memory, had a real talent for planning and orchestrating events and in most cases, was the leader of the pack. Her take charge demeanor made friends and family relax and enjoy as Charlotte put all the wheels in motion. She was the “PLANNER” of the family functions, vacations, whatever was needed to make a thing happen—Charlotte was the go-to person that could get things done with minimum effort. She wasn’t known for her cooking- but when you came to the house, every piece of equip to accomplish your task was in place. However if you stopped by on Saturday’s you would be invited to partake in “Hot Dog Day”.

Charlotte, also known as “Cat” gave her life to Christ at Antioch Baptist Church and continued her Christian journey at Shawnee Baptist Church. She was a Sunday School teacher for the young children and participated in the Soul winning outreach program developed to teach and share God’s word to all who don’t know Jesus Christ.

Charlotte was proud to be a Central High School graduate. In fact, during her junior year, she met the man of her dreams, Martin Richard Thompson. On September 9, 1967 the two were united in Holy Matrimony…. and the love story continued over 46 years. The family grew and included two sons, Richard Anthony and Stephen Ray.

Funny, fun-loving, a joy to be around, the life of the party, are only a few adjectives to describe this wonderful woman. “Lucy and Ethel of the Lucy Ball Show” had nothing on her. She was a strong Christian woman who showed love everywhere she went including her stressful job at the telephone company as a customer service representative, dealing with challenging students, or life on life’s terms.

On Sunday, September 29th the last Sunday of the month, Charlotte Ann Spencer Thompson departed this life. She leaves to cherish her memory a loving husband, Martin Richard Thompson, sons Richard Anthony and Stephen Ray Thompson, a granddaughter Arianna Jenkins; a host of extended family and friends who were as close as blood relatives.

The family will miss her cute expressions such as “your fury little hide” or summertime rabbit”.

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